Azad international Group Since yesterday Until today!

We have worked in many import and export business so far. And with great enthusiasm and enthusiasm, we continue our business in the best way. We are trying to please all companies we work with and all shipping companies. Throughout these processes we realized that the most difficult issue for a company is; to express itself to the most appropriate audience in the most correct way rather than continuing its activities in the sector it serves…

Let us briefly introduce ourselves to you. Azad is a company that has been developing since 2012.

As an Arab company, it continues to announce its name in all international companies named export.

Firstly, we had Azad supermarket established in Libya and later we expanded and expanded our market as a dealer. Then we decided to open our baby clothing store named Azad. We also started to announce our name with our import company, which is known as Azad company, in Arab countries. After everything progressed as we wanted, we entered into export business and started to work to reach our target by aiming international work.

Since 2018 we operate from about Azad international group through our wholesale export company in Turkey. Food, textile, electronic goods and so on. as we export a lot of things in general. It is our absolute rule to do business with respect to the companies that we work with in a clean and orderly manner. As the Azad family, we will be working confidently in the business, aiming our dreams and in line with these goals.

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